How to add listings:

Step 1: Register yourself as a member
To add listings you first have to log in with your username (after you have been registered as a member).

Step 2: Add Listing
After Login, you get some additional buttons:
Use the add listings button, than you can choice the category.

Step 3: Make the listing
Fill all datas in the form (the fields may look different for the different categories) and save it by using the submit button.

Step 4: Push the: "you may now edit your listing" link

Step 5: Uploading images
On the left side of the screen you see two links: One for adding pictures and one for adding Virtual tours. Use the edit images link:

After you pushed the edit listing button, you can select different pictures from your computer for upload. When you finished your selection of pictures you can upload them all together.

Step 6: Finished
After uploading the pictures, you have completed the adding of one item.
Now you can go back to edit your listing again or you can write some comments for the item and the picture(s).
Otherwise you can add another listing.

Good luck!